5 Useful Design Tips for Your Small Bedroom

Small bedroom has its advantages. It looks cozy, comfortable and is easy to clean. If you design and reinvent your bedroom appropriately, it will be your dreamy retreat. However, the small space may limit your imagination and choices. Fortunately, there are 5 useful design tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your bedroom and turn your little nest to an ideal place where you are willing to stay.


Photo from Gabrielle Savoie


1. Simple bedroom colors


Photo from Lauren Liess

Colors can open up your bedroom space or make your bedroom look smaller which is what you don’t want, especially if your bedroom is too tiny. Using light colors like white, beige, light grey is a great way to refresh a small space. It is wonderful to use crisp white walls. They can make your room restful and calming. Besides, white can be nicely matched with other colors, which makes your bedroom more harmonious. After you settle on your base color, just add neutral decorations. Soft neutrals bring the right amount of warmth and be a great complement in your bedroom.


2. Create illusions with mirrors


Creating a space illusion with a mirror is a common trick that is usually used in a small room. The mirror can visually double the space and brighten up your bedroom. If you happen to own a large amount of jewelry and have trouble with storing them, a jewelry cabinet with a mirror can be your best friend. It helps your jewelry in an organized manner, prevents them from getting tangled and keeps them away from kids while the reflection makes your room look larger. In addition, a quaint mirror brings much elegant to your bedroom.


3. Use multifunctional furniture to add extra storage


Photo from Dusana Melnikoff

Small bedroom usually means limited storage. Choosing multifunctional furniture to open up storage and organization possibilities can simply solve your problem. For instance choose a bed that is equipped with built-in drawers underneath or an ottoman which has the capability of having storage.


4. Wall sconces instead of floor lamps


Photo from Lisa Diederich

If you are looking for a way to bring more lighting into your compact bedroom, wall sconces can be your best choice. Comparing with a floor or table lamp, wall sconces neither take up the valuable floor space nor need nightstands to put on. Now, just choose one to brighten up your bedroom!